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New Rolex 2021 Release Predictions - New Models & More Discontinued!!

It's that time of year again and we are waiting to see what Rolex will do with their line up for 2021. Although there is no doubt we will be blessed with some new model variations. The one thing that I am looking out for will be the possibility of some major discontinuations.

#1 I have been waiting for this the past 2 years and I will continue to think that Rolex has to release a Two tone Daytona in rose gold. It only makes sense. This is something that people want, the demand from the public is there.



Where to Sell a Luxury Watch in Miami?

Looking to sell a watch in Miami? The Watch Eric team of experts are on hand to value your timepiece. We buy your watch directly, contact us. YouTube star and leading watch dealer Eric Rivera has been around watches his entire life. This level of expertise provides Watch Eric with deep-rooted knowledge of the market. 

Finding a watch buyer in Miami is easy, but finding one with integrity and the right market knowledge is substantially more difficult. Sell your piece in Miami, we are located inside the historic Seybold Building, Suite 224 in Downtown Miami. You can make an appointment to visit our...

Cristiano Ronaldo's Watch Collection | Watch Eric Review


Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely a contender in the watch game!!!

I’m Watch Eric and thank you for joining me on this celebrity watch review on Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano has a very interesting watch collection. I would not say his watch choices are eccentric like Michael Jordan. I would say he has wild watches.


Most collectors will have a line up from the brand Rolex as their backbone and Cristiano makes no exception. For Rolex he has several...

OMEGA Speedmaster Professional - Moonwatch Review!


This review is on one of the most popular Omegas in the market. The Omega Speedmaster Professional. The first thing that I would like to point out is that usually you are use to me doing videos on more exotic, expensive, higher end brands; however. that does not mean that I am not a fan of Omega. I am a watch guy at heart and I do not understand people that do not care for watches. The Omega Speedmaster is the one Omega that has always caught my attention since I was kid. For God sake,...

Rolex Daytona Blue Dial 2021 Review!


What is it that makes some watches increase in price while others never really take off? Many factors come into play. Like what model is it, will it be a limited production, also what color dial.

The Rolex Daytona in white gold with blue dial is a watch that so far has not seen the crazy increases like its other siblings the steel ceramic bezel daytona and the yellow gold green dial. Historically most watches with blue dials tend to do better and be the more...