New Rolex 2021 Release Predictions - New Models & More Discontinued!!

It's that time of year again and we are waiting to see what Rolex will do with their line up for 2021. Although there is no doubt we will be blessed with some new model variations. The one thing that I am looking out for will be the possibility of some major discontinuations.

#1 I have been waiting for this the past 2 years and I will continue to think that Rolex has to release a Two tone Daytona in rose gold. It only makes sense. This is something that people want, the demand from the public is there.


#2 Explorer 2 revamp

This is a watch that has been out already for quite sometime and can use a bit of a freshening up. The ideal change would be a ceramic bezel. This watch suffers from the original steel bezel being damaged from wear and not being able to polish it. The black ceramic bezel not only would solve that but also make it look cool.


#3 Something new with Green Dial!

Pretty much everyone has noticed that green is the new blue by now with watch dials. Even AP decided to joint party late. It would not surprise me that Rolex would drop another green variation. Perhaps a green dial on a DayDate40 in yellow or maybe even on a yellow Sky-Dweller. Both options would be great.


#4 GMT-Master 2 Coke.

This is something that we also have been waiting for. With are current options in the steel GMT lineup are either the BLNR or BLRO. It would be great to finally see the red and black bezel in the oyster band configuration. Would also not be surprised if we just get a new slimmer case for a black version.


#5 Discontinued models.

This year I would not be surprised if they discontinue some of the more hyped models like the green Daytona or the platinum Daytona. As new models come out they need to cut some as well. Otherwise there will be an excessively long catalog of models. Comment below what you think will happen this year with Rolex!

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