Rolex Daytona Blue Dial 2021 Review!


What is it that makes some watches increase in price while others never really take off? Many factors come into play. Like what model is it, will it be a limited production, also what color dial.

The Rolex Daytona in white gold with blue dial is a watch that so far has not seen the crazy increases like its other siblings the steel ceramic bezel daytona and the yellow gold green dial. Historically most watches with blue dials tend to do better and be the more desirable ones. So all signs point to that there is a good possibility that this Daytona with the blue dial can be increasing in the future.

There is no doubt in my mind that if this watch would have been steel the demand would have been astronomical, just look at the SkyDweller with blue dial. I personally like this blue dial Daytona because it still has that essence and look of the previous steel Daytona ref#116520. It is very easy to love the new ceramic bezel version ref# 116500 but the look of the previous version will always have a soft spot for me.

Something interesting about this watch is that when they came out with these new variations in 2016 they were not very popular. It's almost hard to believe today that these watches along with the green dial were just sitting there at the AD's and no one was buying them. Today you can still buy them a little over retail. Not too many blue dial watches that you can say that with. I feel that this model has the potential to rise in price. However it may be awhile before we see the big rise so it will have to be a long hold play.


Comment below if you think the Blue Dial Daytona will be rising in the future!

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