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Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely a contender in the watch game!!!

I’m Watch Eric and thank you for joining me on this celebrity watch review on Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano has a very interesting watch collection. I would not say his watch choices are eccentric like Michael Jordan. I would say he has wild watches.


Most collectors will have a line up from the brand Rolex as their backbone and Cristiano makes no exception. For Rolex he has several that include Rolex Yachtmaster 2 yellow gold, Skydweller rose gold with Sundust dial, Daytona stainless steel with black dial and also a yellow gold version with MOP dial. He has the Rolex GMT Master 2 SARU in yellow gold but the real show stopper is the GMT Master 2 116769TB that is $500,00 full set factory diamonds and white gold. This may be the factory Rolex with the most diamonds from the brand.


On to the next brand, oh Hublot. He has a few like a Hublot Classic Fusion Chrono in rose gold, Big Bang in both rose gold and stainless steel. But I would say that the main ballsy piece that he has from the brand is a MP-09 bi-axis tourbillon with baguette diamonds. This is a crazy piece, it’s a $2.1m watch. And it looks like a crazy transformer on the wrist. He really likes these factory limited edition rare watches.

Frank Muller

I would say that Cristiano has so many Frank Mullers that I would almost think that he is sponsored by this brand. With the Frank Muller Vanguard he has several that range from the basic models up to the full diamond pave versions. An impressive one off Cintrè Tourbillion that is flooded with baguette diamonds and is worth 1.5m euros and in true Ronaldo fashion is blinged out to the max and is a one of one. The next one has been called out by many bloggers as a Jacob&Co but is actually a Frank Muller diamond and ruby Imperial Tourbillion that cost 2m euros and again, this guy really likes his ice. This watch is more of a watch for royalty and it’s bad ass. However Cristiano has made an enormous wealth throughout his career and can buy himself whatever he likes.


One piece that I like is his Bvlgari Octo Tourbillion in full diamond on strap. It is a bit different than the one that one of the Jonas Brothers wore on the red carpet because that on had a full pave bracelet. This one on the strap has plenty of contrast and believe it or not, I like this model. Something like this will set you back $700k.


Cristiano does a lot of collaborations with Jacob. He uses often an Epic SF24 in rose gold and I like this model also. Another thing about Ronaldo is that he really pushes the Five Timezone models from the brand and likes his watches bold and large. To sum this all up he has Jacob & Co Five Timezone Grand Baguette. That watch will set you back 1.m euros.

Tag Heuer

Oddly enough he does own a few watches from this brand. The one that caught my attention was the Tag Heuer Mikro Tourbillion S. Many pictures of him wearing this model and it definitely not your average Tag.


With this brand he has a heavy hitter. It’s a 52mm Breguet Double Tourbillion platinum with diamonds with a cost of $800,000. This watch is very interesting to look at. One thing that I wonder is why Breguet being such a traditional brand would make such a big bulky watch. Cristiano loves these oversized watches.


Last but not least is his one of one Planetarium Tri-Axial. This is a crazy $2m Girard. This last piece is impressive and is very brave of him.

Unfortunately I am going to have score Cristiano Ronaldo a score of 10 in the watch game. And the reason that I say unfortunately is because it really is not the type of collection that I personally like. I would say that Kevin Hart has a collection that is more of my liking. But there is no denying that Cristiano has some very heavy artillery in his collection and has pretty much bulldozed his way into the watch game.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the first soccer player to become a billionaire in the sport and it is safe to say that his love for watches is real and we can only expect to see more from his collection. Comment below what you think about his collection and the score that I gave him.

Another thing I would like to point out is that as many as you may already know I have recently started my own business.

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