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5 Things To Know Before Buying a Gold Watch!! - Rolex, Audemars, Patek & More!


Buying a gold watch can be a very big step for most of us. Having the right knowledge and mindset before can help you when pulling the trigger. Here are 5 things that I would like to share with you for buying a gold watch.

1. Know your budget 

This is an important way to start because with this you can set the tone and direction on what to look for before making your purchase. With so many different avenues to take on this approach one could just go in circles...

How to Become a Successful Watch Dealer


How can I get into the watch business? This is a question that I get asked almost everyday. Although there is no replacement for long term experience, we all have to start somewhere. Here are 5 things I recommend you follow on this exciting journey into the watch selling world. 

1. Get Some Capital

This is the most important step of all because with out money, you clearly can not buy anything. All the money in the world is still not enough money for this business. This business will eat every dollar you can put in,...

Rolex GMT-Master Green Dial Review | Anniversary Prices Rising!

Today we're going to be discussing the Rolex GMT in yellow gold with the green dial. So the first thing I want to say is obviously the green is what makes it hot. I feel like nowadays everything that has green or blue is flying off the shelf. The demand is so high that the prices are going crazy. But the crazy part about this is that I remember six, seven years ago, the green dial wasn't for everybody. Green for me, I always think about money.

People would come in and look at...