Rolex GMT-Master Green Dial Review | Anniversary Prices Rising!

Today we're going to be discussing the Rolex GMT in yellow gold with the green dial. So the first thing I want to say is obviously the green is what makes it hot. I feel like nowadays everything that has green or blue is flying off the shelf. The demand is so high that the prices are going crazy. But the crazy part about this is that I remember six, seven years ago, the green dial wasn't for everybody. Green for me, I always think about money.

People would come in and look at it, they'd try it on and they'd say, "I don't like the green dial. I can't match it with my clothes." I mean, do you think I think about that every time I'm going to wear a watch like this? About what's going to match, not going to match? I mean, some people are like that. I understand it. But six or seven years ago, the green was just a little bit too much for some buyers.

This watch was even as low as seventeen to eighteen thousand dollars. I always love to use the stainless steel Daytona as a reference because they're so high right now. But at that time, the Daytona's were going for nine grand. Crazy part about it is now, who would have known? We should have known. It should have been obvious that the anniversary dial on the GMT was going to be the next big hit from that lineup.

But the question is, a lot of people ask me, they say, hey, Eric, what's going to be the next collector watch? Look, I wish I knew, I would have bought all of them right now as well.

The Daytona green dial seems to be an obvious go. Yes, not only because John Mayer said it would be, but because it has a green dial. History will repeat itself over and over. Look, you have the Hulk, you had the GMT green dial. So it would only make sense that Daytona with the green dial and perhaps even the Day-Date green dial is going to be the next best thing. But other than that, I love this watch. I mean, it's a sports model in yellow gold.

You know, I'm a sucker for all of the Rolex sports models. They always fit good, look good, good for any occasion. So this is a type of watch you could wear for just pretty much about anything. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a nice dressy outfit or on the beach with some shorts, it's always going to be right for the occasion. And the green dial for me is what just gives it that extra pop that makes it stand out instead of the standard black on black GMT that you will mostly see on everybody else.

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 So one other thing I want to point out. A lot of people ask me say, how do you know that the dial hasn't been replaced? I mean, look, you never really know. Some people feel that these watches get out of a magic goose already assembled. They don't realize that these watches are hand assembled. So, yes, somebody can change the dial and it'll be exactly like it came from the factory. However, there are a couple of little things that I use on this model to know if it originally came with the dial. Number one is the second time zone, hence the long needle with the triangle on top. On the black dial version, that hand will usually come painted green.

So if that hand was painted green and it was on top with this dial, it wouldn't have any contrast. Another thing would be the actual date wheel. On the black dial version, they usually come with the green number font. But again, for that contrast.

So if you have a green dial on your yellow GMT and you have a green twenty four hour hand and a green date wheel, there's a possibility that the dial was swapped. I mean, unless they swapped the hands and also change the date wheel, but at that point, how the hell are we supposed to know?

I mean at the end of the day, if they didn't do a good job, the person that replaced it, I would be able to know. But if someone did a flawless job and changed everything, then what difference does it make? It's correct.

Right now, as I stand here, the green on this dial just completely pops. One thing I've always wanted to say is I'm not really sure why they didn't use this exact green dial color on many other watches.

It just would have been nice to have seen it on perhaps another model. You know, the whole dial is nice, but this one with that nonmetallic, non translucent, just kind of like a true flat green just really looks stunning. And for me, I've just always liked this watch.

And I'm going to go ahead and admit right now that I do regret never buying one of these watches when they were that low. But then again, who knew? Right now they are way over where they used to be to pick up a watch like this. Nowadays, you've got to have a solid thirty five thousand if you think you're going to get one. You know, I feel like the watch is worth it, but I don't know. You get over that hump where you're thinking, man, I should have bought them when they were a lot lower because at least in my collection, this would be a watch that would definitely accent completely.

The Submariner with the blue dial is a classic and looks stunning. And yes, of course, the GMT with black also looks nice, but the green one completely pops. And it's what separates, in my opinion, the submariner from the GMT without any confusion to both the knowledgeable and the guys that are just starting.

So this GMT reference number 116718 originally had a retail price of $33,250. Now, considering that to get a brand new one, you're going to probably have to spend 40 grand, it doesn't sound too bad. It really doesn't. Now, the way that the market is with everything so inflated, I don't really like to use the word inflated because for me it sounds like it's a bunch of bull.

I just think that nowadays there's so much exposure on the watch hobby and the fact that if you buy them correctly, they're good investments.  But there is a big demand of people new into the hobby and wanting to buy them.

And the fact of the matter is it just isn't enough of them to go around, That, compounded with the fact that manufacturers are clamping down on production to increase us even more. Makes me really feel like an idiot that I could have had him at $18,000 and I didn't buy one.

So if you're looking to buy one of these watches, you're probably going to be for sure in the over $35,000 range. And I personally believe that this is a true collector watch. And only as time passes by more and more is where people will realize how rare it really will become.

This watch has obviously recently gained more strength. With the recent increase in price, obviously it has raised a bit more stature in the game. So if you got one, hold on to it tight. 

It was a sleeper. So if you slept on it, nap time is over because now it's becoming very, very hard to get it. I mean, unless you want to go to eBay and pay those insane prices. So if you found this useful or entertaining, go ahead and hit the like and subscribe button now on my channel now.

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