Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold

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Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold

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Dubbed the John Mayer Daytona, the Rolex Daytona reference 116508 is smoking hot right now. It's a special watch and I would guarantee that it's gonna be one of the greatest Rolexes of this time. Pretty much all stainless steel Daytonas have always been a hitter, but something about that green dial that just did a whole different twist. I personally like it. Don't get me wrong. Right out the gate when it came out, I wasn't really sure about it, I wasn't sure until I saw it in person. But once I saw it in person, it was a winner for me.

So what's happening with these watches is crazy. Pretty much Rolex releases them and if you don't have that vision and you don't buy it early on, by the time it picks up and it becomes the hottest watch, it's too late. A year and a half ago, nobody wanted this watch. Although several clients of mine did pick them up because the green dial was stunning. I'm telling you, it's gonna be the hottest next watch from Rolex. It's gonna be the one to buy. 

This chronograph was designed to be the ultimate timing tool for endurance racing drivers. Contact Watch Eric at 786-270-8780 for pricing