Rolex GMT-Master II "Batgirl"

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Rolex GMT-Master II "Batgirl"

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Much like its older sibling, the Rolex GMT Batgirl is one of the most popular watches on the planet. The Rolex GMT Master II range is incredibly sought after. Known for their jet-setting origins, they spruced up the wrists of golden age pilots who appreciated having that extra timezone information to hand. Today, the undeniable appeal for this functional luxury asset remains. Rolex have previously injected a good bit of color into the 24-hour bi-directional bezels of the GMT line with blue and red (Pepsi), brown and yellow or brown and black (root beer), red and black (coke), and the highly debated all blue (blueberry).

But the most modern of the color duos is found in the blue and black bezels - now limited to the Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLNR "Bat Girl". The original reference, on satin and polished oyster bracelet, was dubbed the "Batman" due to its bezel echoing the aesthetics of the superhero detective's wardrobe. When discontinued, the watch was not entirely removed from the Rolex catalog. It was instead upgraded to the new caliber 3285, with a more efficient Chronergy escapement that delivers an extended 70 hours of power reserve and paired with a more formal appearing jubilee bracelet.

Collectors didn't exactly stretch their imaginations when they dubbed the new Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLNR the "Bat Girl" even though the watch remains billed as a men's professional watch. A gorgeous timepiece fit for all genders and wrists, the "Bat Girl" is unfortunately very hard to obtain at retail - with some serious consumer flirting or purchase history required to finagle the mysteries of the AD waitlist. This is a stunning piece and definitely worth the buy. 

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