Rolex Day-Date President in Platinum

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Rolex Day-Date President in Platinum

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 The Rolex President in platinum is known for having a smooth bezel instead of the fluted. That is one interesting characteristic that I tend to love because it downplays that watch. When you buy a Platinum DayDate Presidential you are buying an understated big boy watch. Most people that do not know may think that you are wearing a DateJust. That is what I like about it but make no mistake. When you see The Glacier Blue dial and the smooth bezel, know that it is Platinum. The smooth bezel also lets people know that it is not a Rolex in white gold. More reasons why I love it. This watch is a heavy hitter and I mean that figuratively and literally. Platinum is very heavy. I feel that it almost weighs double what a gold one does. With all this in mind, I would say that the DayDate 40 Platinum is the ultimate DayDate!

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