Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990

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Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990

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When I think of the Patek Philippe Nautilus the first obvious thing that comes to mind is value. The second thing that comes to my mind is how comfortable these watches are. If you have had the chance to tower one before you would agree. The Nautilus 5990. This is the latest and greatest steel model from the Nautilus lineup. At first glance, many would say they all look the same, but if you look closer you will see that this is not your average Nautilus. One of the first things that stand out is then dual sundials. The one at six o'clock is for the Chrono function while the other on top is for the date. This dual sub-dial is both a love and hate for me with this model. I tend to prefer the look of the Nautilus 5980 sub-dial best.

This change still does not deter me from loving this watch. Besides it having a Chrono function this watch also has a travel time complication, pretty much a GMT. The second 12hr hands are adjusted using the two pushbuttons located on the nine o'clock side of the case. They have been very cleverly hidden to appear like it is just the side of the case. I like the look but hate the function. I feel that it gets pushed very easily and find myself having to correct it pretty often. Overall the Nautilus 5990 is a serious heavy hitter. It's basically a bully in the stainless steel game. With prices reaching $100k for a stainless steel model. It definitely is not for the faint of heart or the weak wallet. For me, it's the perfect blend of style, status, and class.

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